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From PdM 1.0 to PdM 4.0: A Realistic Approach. CBM Conference Europe. David Faro. Antwerp (Belgium)

5 junio 2019 @ 11:45 am a 12:30 pm UTC+0

So far there have been many marketing messages about 4.0 and PdM 4.0 but what is the reality? Are the industrial plants prepared to face the challenges of the PdM 4.0? Are these new technologies coming to industrial plants? What is the actual state of the PdM maturity matrix? Is it necessary to be an expert in PdM 4.0 to succeed in the implementation of the CBM? Is it possible to achieve PdM 4.0 if you have not gone through the previous stages? And how to make this journey?

The main goal is to analyze the current state of the art of CBM program implementation and how is and how is going to be the trend within the environment 4.0. The existing barriers will be evaluated to increase in the maturity of the PdM and how to eliminate them taking advantage of the current technological moment, but always from a realistic point of view. A very practical analysis will be shown of what there is, what is missing and what is coming in PdM to know in a very simple way in which point of the PdM maturity matrix we meet to face the new challenges.

This presentation raises the suitability, pros and cons of using big data or small data in CBM and condition monitoring as well as the integration of techniques and predictive technologies to obtain the most reliable asset health indicator.

Finally, a methodology will be defined that allows the journey to success in the highest level of the PdM maturity. All the use cases will be presented following best practices and learned lessons according to ISO 17359, ISO 14224 and ISO 18436.


5 junio 2019
11:45 am a 12:30 pm UTC+0
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Antwerp, Belgium


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